Trump said Foxconn chairman told him 'off the record' that company may triple Wisconsin investment to $30 billion

Key Points
  • President Donald Trump, citing an "off the record" comment by Foxconn's chairman, said the company may invest $30 billion in a plant in Wisconsin.
  • The figure is three times what Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said last week.
Trump: Foxconn may invest $30 billion in US
Trump: Foxconn may invest $30 billion in US

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he was told "off the record" by Foxconn chairman Terry Gou that the company plans to spend $30 billion on a new U.S. plant — which would be three times the amount of money the company has previously pledged.

Trump's comments came a press conference during small business event at the White House.

"He told me off the record he may go [to] $30 billion – $30 billion – think of this," Trump said Tuesday. "But he told me that off the record, so I promised I wouldn't tell anybody."

Chinese company Foxconn said last week it would to spend $10 billion on a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, and create 3,000 jobs in the process. Another, larger facility is also under negotiation.

The firm, which helps build iPhones among other consumer electronics, will make screens for automobiles, health care, and other devices at the plant.

"As we announced last week, we are thrilled to be building a state-of-the art display fabrication plant in America's heartland, and, as we said at that time, our investment in Wisconsin will be the first of a series of facilities we will be building in several states as part of a robust electronics ecosystem we will be creating in the United States," Foxconn told CNBC. "We have not yet announced our investment plans for other sites. We will provide an update as soon as we have finalized those plans."

WATCH: Foxconn announces new plant in Wisconsin

Foxconn's Terry Gou announces new plant in Wisconsin
Foxconn's Terry Gou announces new plant in Wisconsin