The iPhone 8 might have a fancy new 'SmartCamera'

Key Points
  • The iPhone 8 may have an advanced new camera called a 'SmartCamera.'
  • Code referencing the camera was uncovered by a developer recently.
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Apple's HomePod smart speaker contains code that may offer a hint as to what's to come in the iPhone 8.

The code, uncovered by a developer named Guilherme Rambo and spotted by MacRumors, points to a new "SmartCamera" function that may appear on the new iPhone.

Rambo noticed strings referencing different settings for fireworks, foliage, pets, the sky, QR codes, snow, sports, sunrise and sunsets and more. It suggests that the iPhone 8 may be able to automatically change its own settings to capture the best picture based on an environment.

Additional code points to a "freezemotion" function, which might capture a person or thing as it quickly whizzes past the camera frame.

Apple's cameras are already able to adjust based on lighting conditions, but the company is apparently looking to do more.

It's odd that the code was found on HomePod, which doesn't have a camera. The discovery could signify changes in the new iOS 11, which will be rolled out to existing iPhones as an update.

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