EU 2017/18 soft wheat exports reach 941,000 tonnes by Aug 1

PARIS, Aug 3 (Reuters) - European Union soft wheat exports in the 2017/18 season that began on July 1 had reached 941,000 tonnes by Aug. 1, down from 2.6 million tonnes a year ago, official data showed on Thursday.

In the latest reporting week, the EU exported 225,000 tonnes of soft wheat, on the basis of a revised week-earlier total of 716,000 tonnes, the data showed.

EU barley exports since July 1 had reached 171,000 tonnes, against 879,000 tonnes a year ago.

Cumulative maize imports came to 1.3 million tonnes, up from a year-earlier 950,000 tonnes and including 252,000 tonnes this week, the data showed.

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(Reporting by Gus Trompiz and Clement Rouget; Editing by Susan Fenton)