FACTBOX-Chinese companies targeted by short sellers in Hong Kong in first half


HONG KONG, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Short sellers are increasingly targeting Hong Kong-listed Chinese companies. Here are details of eight public campaigns by short sellers against Hong Kong-listed companies in the first six months of this year, based on data from Activist Insight: (Note: The short sellers may have taken positions well before making a public announcement)



China Emerson Feb- Questioned Allegations are Dropped

11 pct

Hongqiao Analytics 28 whether profits biased, from day

of short

inflated. Says materially seller's report costs appear misleading, until March, when artificially low untrue and shares were and said it was unfounded. halted.

subsidized by connected parties.

Fullshare Glaucus Apr- Stock Allegations are Has

gained 10.5

25 manipulation misleading and pct since. alleged. groundless. Fullshare GeoInvesting May- Accounting Company didn't Has

gained 25 pct

03 questioned. responded to since.

GeoInvesting's claims or Reuters request for comment on the allegations.

Cogobuy Blazing May- Revenue and net Allegations are Has

dropped 49

Research 22 profit levels biased, pct.

challenged. Also selective,

questions about inaccurate, online platform incomplete, IngDan. false and

misleading and have been made with the intention to alarm shareholders.

AAC Gotham May- Questioned Vigorously Has

fallen 2.3

Technologies Research 11 accounting. denies the pct. Suggested allegations, profits information overstated. contained is

inaccurate and misleading.

Dali Foods GeoInvesting Jun- Questioned Allegations were Has

gained 2 pct 07 capital spending made without due

and operation consideration of

costs. Suggested the underlying

there were tax facts and based

inconsistencies. on selective and biased information, and are considered to be inappropriate and misleading.

Man Wah Muddy Waters Jun- Claimed to have Accusations Shares


07 found tax about financial unchanged.

inconsistencies, irregularities

undisclosed are groundless debt, outsized and false. Man profit margins. Wah has no

undisclosed debt and stands by its 2017 annual report.

China Blazing Jun- Questioned size Company did not Shares

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Household Research 22 of revenue and respond to before


net income Blazing Research started the day reported. Cited allegations or the report came material Reuters request out. Hong Kong discrepancy for comment on securities between the allegations. regulator has financial since ordered figures indefinite halt.

disclosed and its tax filings.

(Reporting by Elzio Barreto; Editing by Martin Howell)