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Tesla Autopilot chief lands at one of Google's A.I. units

Key Points
  • Chris Lattner created Apple's Swift open-source programming language.
  • Lattner spent just six months at Tesla.
Chris Lattner
Source: Chris Lattner

Alphabet has hired Chris Lattner, previously Tesla's vice president of the Autopilot autonomous driving software, to work in its Google Brain artificial intelligence group.

Lattner revealed the new gig on Twitter and LinkedIn on Monday, two months after announcing he was leaving the carmaker.

"TensorFlow is one of the most advanced machine learning frameworks. I'll be contributing to make it even more accessible, broadening the reach of AI and ML to more engineers worldwide," Lattner wrote on his LinkedIn profile.

In addition to the TensorFlow open-source framework, Google Brain employees also work on incorporating AI into various applications.

Lattner is most well-known as the creator of Swift, Apple's open-source programming language for writing apps for iOS and other platforms. Lattner spent more than a decade at Apple, where he was ultimately senior director of the company's development tools department. He worked on Apple's Xcode integrated development environment (IDE), among other things. Before he was at Apple, Lattner began work on the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) technology.

Interestingly, Lattner is not joining Alphabet's Waymo autonomous driving group, or its more general group of engineers who work on, among other things, the Google-led Go programming language.