Americans spend thousands per year on expensive luxuries—here are the ones they refuse to give up

Modern luxury items people say they can't live without

When you're trying to streamline your budget, it's helpful to divide your expenses into 'wants' and 'needs.' But just because something isn't absolutely essential doesn't mean you're willing to give it up.

ThermoSoft, a company that manufactures household items, asked 1,000 Americans: What modern luxuries do you consider indispensable? They compiled the data into an intriguing infographic of the expensive conveniences we refuse to live without. The top indulgences — smartphones and wi-fi — aren't surprising, but some of the other findings are a little less expected.

While survey respondents listed things like nice headphones, coffee, and ride hailing services as 'likes,' household items including dryers, pet supplies and a nice mattress made the cut for 'have to have it.'

Survey respondents placed domestic travel in the 'have to have it' category as well. However, they deemed extras such as first-class tickets and international flights less vital.

ThermoSoft points out that some of these luxuries are, appropriately, expensive. The company calculated the average costs of each item or service and found that a premium mattress costs around $1,270 and a year's worth of domestic travel runs Americans around $581.

One of the most expensive indulgences Americans nonetheless refuse to do without? Owning a pet.

Check out the full infographic below.

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Modern luxury items people say they can't live without