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Racist video from China's official press agency mocks Indians

Key Points
  • State-run Chinese news agency Xinhua published a video about a border dispute between Beijing and New Delhi
  • It contained racist depictions of Indians and insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration

A major state-run Chinese media outlet uploaded a video containing derogatory depictions of Indians in what could be the latest flashpoint amid escalating tensions between Beijing and New Delhi.

A Xinhua video released on August 16, 2017 about the India-China border standoff in the Himalayas.

Late on Wednesday, Xinhua — widely seen as a mouthpiece for the ruling Communist Party — released an English-language video about ongoing border clashes between Indian and Chinese troops near a tri-junction area that borders Bhutan, India and Tibet, which is claimed and occupied by China.

The video, called "Seven Sins of India," showed a Chinese male speaking in an Indian accent, sporting a turban and fake facial hair in an apparent representation of a Sikh man.

In portraying seven examples of alleged mistakes made by New Delhi in the border standoff, the video mocked India's concern about Chinese road construction in the disputed zone, which it likened to a man "building a path in his garden."

The video called Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration "asleep," "thick-skinned" and compared New Delhi's actions in the border area to "a robber who had just broken into your house and refused to leave."

It also referred to India's defense of Bhutan as a "hijack" of its smaller neighbor.

Aside from land skirmishes, bilateral ties between the two Asian giants are also weighed down by maritime tensions in the Indian Ocean.

Watch Xinhua's full video.

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