Risky business: If you had to bet on one of these, which would it be?

Key Points
  • With some experts warning that markets are fully-valued, investors are eyeing alternative asset classes
  • Bitcoin hit a new record high earlier in August
Vyacheslav Prokofyev | TASS | Getty Images

With stocks trading near all-time highs and bond yields still relatively low, some investors have turned to alternative asset classes.

One of those assets has been bitcoin. The cryptocurrency hit a new record high last Thursday when it climbed to trade at $4,522.13, according to CoinDesk. Investors also piled into the cryptocurrency when geopolitical tensions on the Korean Peninsula ratcheted up.

Meanwhile, trade in other alternative assets — such as fine art, wine and potentially, RVs — is less liquid, but has been favored by some as a hedge against volatility in the markets.