Trump isn't pro-business, he's pro-'white nationalism': Venture capital co-founder

Key Points
  • Trump's record doesn't demonstrate pro-business attitudes, Roger McNamee says.
  • McNamee says you can't paint Trump as pro-business, but you can paint him as pro-"essentially white nationalist."
  • He also said "we have a president of the United States who flouts the rule of law."
Investor Roger McNamee: Trump isn't pro-anything except 'essentially white nationalism'
Investor Roger McNamee: Trump isn't pro-anything except 'essentially white nationalism'

Donald Trump's behavior indicates a president more in favor of "white nationalism" than business growth, the co-founder of a venture capital firm said Monday.

Asked if Trump and the Republican Party can call themselves "pro-business" while criticizing large companies such as , Elevation Partners Co-Founder Roger McNamee said Trump's record on business in office shows no such evidence.

"He has been really disruptive to our trading relationships in Mexico, our trading relationships in Canada," McNamee said on CNBC's "Squawk Box." "He's also made lots of bad noise about trading relationships in China."

"He has pretended like he's contributed a lot to job growth when, in fact, he has not," McNamee said. "I think he threatens a lot of people. I don't see how any of that is pro-business at all."

While many experts have criticized Trump's protectionist goals, McNamee went so far as to question "how this guy paints himself as pro- anything other than, you know, essentially white nationalism."

Roger McNamee
Mark Neuling | CNBC

McNamee did not define "white nationalism" in the interview, nor did he elucidate his claim with specific examples.

Trump's widely criticized series of responses to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, triggered a mass exodus of business leaders scrambling to distance themselves from the president.

At the Tuesday news conference, Trump said the weekend protests, organized by white supremacists and attended by KKK members and neo-Nazis, included "very fine people on both sides."

Explicitly responding to Trump's statements about Charlottesville, the 17 CEOs of the Strategic and Policy Forum agreed to disband the group on Wednesday. Shortly after, Trump tweeted that he was ending both of his administration's councils of CEOs.

Trump tweet

McNamee went further still in his criticism of Trump. "To me, businesses need stability, they need the rule of law. And as long as we have a president of the United States who flouts the rule of law, I think that's a tremendous threat to financial assets of all kinds," McNamee said, again without citing specifics.

"I think he talks that game, and that's bad."