Dr. Daniel Earl Geer

Dr. Daniel Earl Geer Jr., Sc.D., currently serves as the chief information security officer at In-Q-Tel, the nonprofit strategic investor that accelerates the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to the U.S. intelligence community. He's also an entrepreneur, author, scientist, consultant, teacher and architect.

Dr. Geer has been an advisor to or board member for a number of promising start-ups and their funding sources; more than 100 refereed publications; two books and many book chapters; three patents; more than 250 invited presentations, 20 percent of which were keynotes, including 10 abroad; technology selection and standardization work and five times before the U.S. Congress, of which two were lead witness.

Geer's commercial teaching history has been both extensive in scope and in excess of 10,000 students in the aggregate. His participation in government advisory has included roles for the Federal Trade Commission, the departments of Justice and Treasury, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the White House and In-Q-Tel's counterparties.

In addition, he has had extensive experience in higher education at the Harvard University School of Public Health and as head of systems development at MIT's Project Athena (the first large-scale academic distributed computing and networking environment), where his staff on his watch pioneered Kerberos, the X Window System and much of what is taken for granted in distributed computing.

He is a widely noted author in scientific journals and the technology press. He is also co-author of The WebSecurity Sourcebook with Marcus Ranum of Network Flight Recorder and Avi Rubin of AT&T Research.

He served as the president of USENIX, the advanced computing systems association, and received their lifetime achievement award.

Milestones: The X Window System and Kerberos (1988), the first information security consulting firm on Wall Street (1992), convenor of the first academic conference on electronic commerce (1995), the "Risk Management Is Where the Money Is" speech that changed the focus of security (1998), the presidency of USENIX Association (2000), the first call for the eclipse of authentication by accountability (2002), principal author of and spokesman for "Cyberinsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly" (2003), co-founder of SecurityMetrics.org (2004), convener of MetriCon (2006–present), author of "Economics & Strategies of Data Security" (2008) and author of "Cybersecurity & National Policy" (2010). He is also the creator of the Index of Cyber Security (2011) and the Cyber Security Decision Market (2012), expert for NSA Science of Security award (2013–present) and Cybersecurity Hall of Fame (2016). Six times entrepreneur. Five times before Congress.

Dr. Geer holds an Sc.D. in biostatistics from the Harvard School of Public Health and an SB in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.