The solar eclipse was more popular than the Super Bowl on Facebook

Solar eclipse watchers in New York City.
Photo by VCG

The solar eclipse eclipsed the Super Bowl.

On Monday, more than 66 million people commented, posted and reacted to the solar eclipse on Facebook, according to data from the social media giant. That's about 2 million more than the 64 million people who were talking about the 2017 Super Bowl on the site.

Billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was no exception. He shared three beautiful shots from atop the Prineville, Ore., data center, taken with a time lapse camera. The center was in the path of totality.

The 66 million people had 240 million "interactions," which includes posts, reactions, shares and comments. That was roughly the same number of "interactions" seen during the Super Bowl.

The most popular hashtags included, "#eclipse2017," "#solareclipse2017" and "#totality."

A visualization of the Facebook interactions as they were happening, embedded below, tracks with the path of the full eclipse, which ran from Lincoln Beach, Ore. to Charleston, S.C.

The nature of the eclipse also lent itself to live video: There were more than 129,000 Facebook live streams about the eclipse on Monday.

NASA's Facebook Live had more eyeballs than any other live video of the day, with 29 million views. In case you missed it, you can still watch the video below.

Solar eclipse reaches totality in Oregon

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