Tech Guide

Get ready to unlock your apartment or office with your iPhone

Key Points
  • A new product called Latch C will let apartment owners control their locks with a smartphone.
  • It's similar to products like the August Smart Lock but is designed for apartment buildings and offices.
  • Orders are open now and it costs $299.

A firm named Latch announced a new product that will be sold to office and apartment buildings and will allow residents to unlock doors using their iPhones.

The device is called the Latch C. It's a bit like other products, such as the August Smart Lock, but it's meant for commercial deployments rather than homes (though it can be used in either). Users will be able to share access with friends, family or delivery people, too, in case they prefer not to share their keys.

It also includes a camera, a feature that's typically reserved for products such as the Ring Doorbell. This allows folks to unlock their door or see who's standing outside without having to buy two different products.

Reservations for the $299 Latch C are available now.