Mark Zuckerberg: Why promoting internally is 'powerful' for a company's culture

Former Facebook employee on what he learned from the intense hiring process

Self-made billionaire Mark Zuckerberg believes promoting talent from within a company can be "powerful" for a business' culture.

"One of the things that I'm most focused on now is just making sure that people have opportunities to grow," the Facebook founder and CEO tells LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman in an interview for his podcast, Masters of Scale.

To do this, Zuckerberg says his company mostly hires people who, even if they are already executives at their previous jobs, take on smaller roles at Facebook before hiring them for leading positions.

"Everyone who's going to be a VP or product group lead here really needs to earn that," Zuckerberg tells Hoffman.

Zuckerberg adds how proud he is of the company's product groups — the teams that oversee ads, News Feed, Instagram and WhatsApp, for example — that have leaders who were promoted from other jobs at Facebook and now report directly to him.

"And that, I think, ends up being really powerful for the culture," Zuckerberg says.

These members of Facebook's management team grew into their roles from positions like executive assistant, engineer, HR and data analyst.

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Zuckerberg says this helps culture at Facebook because employees are familiar with one another. "By the time that you build this management team of people who have been in the company," he says, "they've all been working together."

"They know how to get things done and there's good trust, and good alignment on values," he adds.

As a result, this leads to another benefit for new hires: hope for progression in the company.

"It sends the signal to everyone else in the company that they can be those people in a few years, if they do good work and really excel," Zuckerberg says. "I think that that's pretty powerful too."

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