Floyd Mayweather did not fight his way into the billionaire club, yet

  • Floyd Mayweather's victory over UFC champ Conor McGregor made him the richest boxer in history.
  • But it's unlikely that it pushed him into the billionaire athletes' club.

Floyd Mayweather got a lot richer over the weekend. But just how rich remains a source of contention.

While the numbers have not been released, Mayweather was guaranteed to earn $100 million from his fight with UFC champ Conor McGregor. Reports say his final purse is likely to be over $200 million. And a few reports, mainly citing Floyd himself, say it will be over $300 million.

It will clearly be the richest haul from a boxing match ever — and will cement Money Mayweather's reputation as the richest boxer in history, at least in pure current dollar terms.

Yet, reports of Mayweather becoming a billionaire may be premature.

CNN reports that with his latest TKO, Mayweather is joining the "billionaire athletes club," alongside Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. That would assume he takes home at least $300 million for his fight, which is unlikely. He would've needed to rake in some $500 million for the fight for taxes to leave him with a $300 million take-home check.

It also assumes he had at a net worth of least $700 million before the fight — also unlikely.

All of that is hard to imagine.

And it's not in keeping with more credible estimates of his wealth. Forbes pegged Floyd's net worth before the fight at $340 million, mainly from his more than $200 million take from the Pacquiao fight.

Wealth-X, the wealth research firm, put Mayweather's net worth before the fight at $380 million. Wealth-X says that about $340 million of that is liquid or cash.

So, even if he takes home $300 million, his after-tax take wouldn't likely top $200 million. That would put his total net worth after the fight at between $500 million to $600 million.

That's plenty rich. And with all of his other businesses and investments, it's highly possible that the man behind The Money Team will wind up a billionaire. That assumes his famous spending on cars, watches and clothing doesn't exceed his growing income.

But for now, Mayweather will have to be content with being the richest boxer in history, following the richest fight ever.

The "Billionaire Team" hats will have to wait a bit.

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