Google Assistant will soon let you control your washer and dryer

Key Points
  • Google Assistant will soon let you control appliances including washing machines and dryers.
  • Google Assistant is also coming to new speakers this year.
  • Google seems to be mimicking Amazon's moves with its Alexa assistant.

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Google announced Wednesday that its voice assistant, better known simply as Google Assistant, will be coming to appliances this year.

Google said washers, dryers and vacuums will soon gain voice controls. Need to run the dishwasher? A command like "OK Google wash the dishes" might start your washing machine. Google says it's partnering with companies such as LG to build the new products.

The idea of controlling appliances with a voice assistant isn't new, but it's starting to become more popular. Amazon to bring its Alexa assistant to a new LG refrigerator earlier this year, for example. Alexa can already control other appliances, including robotic vacuums.

Google also announced on Wednesday that its voice assistant is coming to new speakers built by Panasonic, Mobvoi and Anker, which means they might serve as additional options for folks who don't yet own a Google Home device.

Google said it will discuss specific Google Assistant-enabled products over the coming days.