Sheryl Sandberg reveals her No. 1 timesaving work hack

Face to face with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg & GM's Mary Barra

As email remains American workers' preferred way of communicating, you may find it difficult to click through all your unread emails, otherwise known as reaching the coveted "inbox zero."

To productively sort through your email, you may want to take a pointer from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who says she can't imagine her life without email.

Sandberg's top timesaving hack is to "try to answer emails immediately," she tells LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman in his podcast, Masters of Scale.

Staying on top of messages that come into her inbox is part of how Sandberg is able to help manage a 20,658-person company.

"I would rather give a short, quick, incomplete answer than wait and do it better," Sandberg says.

Productivity and leadership coach Ellen Faye agrees that long email responses are usually a waste of time.

"First of all, whomever you're sending it to probably won't read the whole thing – they're busy, too," Faye tells CNBC Make It. "It will just cause them to put it aside until they have more time," or worse, until it's forgotten.

Here are tips to writing the perfect work email

Although you might feel pressure to write a perfect email, you are likely to get your point across just as well by writing a quick, less-than-perfect email, Faye explains.

While it might seem impossible to answer all 100 emails you may receive every day, Sandberg says holding off until you can write a perfect response doesn't make sense.

"'Done' is better than perfect," she says. "People underestimate how opening up your emails again is so time-consuming because you read it again."

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