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Stunning video: The huge difference 24 hours can make

Key Points
  • 24 hours after massive flooding in Dickinson, Texas.
  • Amazing video taken from the same point one day later

CNBC videographer Gerald Miller in Dickinson, Texas, shot video from the same location on Tuesday and again Wednesday on Route 517. The difference is simply incredible.

Dickinson, Texas before and after flooding from Hurricane Harvey

The video clearly shows the amazing turnaround. The city has been inundated with water since Hurricane Harvey first hit the area early Saturday. It was so bad, Dickinson ordered a mandatory evacuation, however, everyone could not get out of town.

Dickinson is 30 miles southeast of Houston and 20 miles northwest of Galveston, Texas, which sits on the Gulf of Mexico.

While the damage is extensive, the fact that water is clearly receding from at least parts of this hard-hit town at least signals the very beginning of recovery.

— CNBC's Jodi Gralnick contributed to this report from the hurricane zone.