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In a perfect world, we would all be working in positions that fit our personality. The popular extrovert would appreciate a position working with different people every day. An introvert might enjoy working behind the scenes of a TV commercial helping a director. Whether you are an outgoing person or would prefer to work solo, there is a behavior to easy ways to be your best self at work and land the position you deserve.

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Is this a far-fetched reality? Think again. You deserve to be in a position with responsibilities that mesh well with who you are as an individual. There are different positions in your field designed for the right person, with the right personality. Here are the top positions you should consider applying for based on your personality.

Introverts should consider

1. Human Resources Manager

Median Base Pay: $66,903

Education: Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Organization Development, Business

An introvert doesn't necessarily mean you enjoy working alone all the time. Introverts often need time to reflect before making decisions. Most appreciate a job that challenges their ability to think outside the box while setting trends without being front right and center when recognition is given. An article on The Guardian shares a personality test to learn which position is best for you.

Highest-paying jobs for women
Highest-paying jobs for women

A Human Resources Manager believes in equality in the workplace while adhering to a organizations workplace policies. You will use employee behavior metrics to help improve the workplace with employee contests and events to lighten up the mood in the office.

Since most introverts are logical thinkers, one of the benefits of this role is you can work closely with the C-Suite. It can open the doors of opportunity for you to get closer to an executive position.

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2. Writer

Salary National Average: $49,483

Education: Associate in Arts, Bachelors Degree in Journalism, English or Communications

A writer has the freedom to be creative, innovative and collect their thoughts while completing assignments. Most writers spend their time alone and may depend on a team of subject matter experts or management for information that is out of their expertise. You can consider working for a company as a full-time employee or a part time job providing academic paper writing help. Depending on your personality, you can take advantage of these writing positions in your city:

  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Business writer
  • News writer
  • Marketing writer
  • Ghostwriter

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3. Computer Programmer

Salary National Average: $65,277

Education: Associates degree, Bachelors degree in computer science. In certain fields courses on healthcare or accounting is helpful.

A career in IT is one of the best industries to get into for people that consider themselves introverts. A day in the life of a computer programmer includes writing code for software programs, debugging programs for errors, and mobile applications for internal employee use. You will be amongst colleagues with a similar personality, working with engineers and IT Analysts to fix your company's computer issues.

The highest paying jobs that don't require a master's degree
The highest paying jobs that don't require a master's degree

If you plan to advance your career, computer programmers can become analysts, software developers or the manager of an IT department. There are easy ways to beat the competition in your next job search.

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Extroverts should consider

You are the heartbeat of the office. Colleagues are attracted to your bright personality. Customers come back to your store because you smile makes them feel appreciated.

If you are an extrovert, think of yourself as a customer magnet that people appreciate being around. Here are a few positions you need to consider:

1. Sales Agent/Representative

Median Base Pay: $46,734

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

What a better way to showcase your personality than to start a career in sales. If you are a naturally motivated person that appreciates exciting challenges, a sales agent might be the right position. Sales agents work in the office and meet clients to pitch their company's products or services. While it seems like a comfortable position, sales agents have quotas to meet a specific dollar amount on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

It requires working in a fast-paced environment working directly with people of diverse backgrounds.

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2. Social Worker

Salary National Average: $47,726

Education Requirements:

A bachelor's degree in social work is essential to land an entry level position. Depending on the position, a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology will be helpful.

Certifications and licensures will depend on your state. Check if you are exempt from being licensed if you work for a government agency.

Surprising jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year
Surprising jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year

I call social workers the lifesavers of society. It is a job that has been known to have its challenges in helping families with problems in the household. Instead of considering it a stressful position, think of the children lives you will be improving with your passion for being a community leader. A list of social work jobs is listed below:

  • Healthcare social workers
  • School social workers
  • Hospice care social workers
  • Substance abuse social work

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3. Interior Designer

Salary National Average: $54,531

Education Requirements:Bachelors degree

Do you love designing people's homes? Interior designer firms cater to well-known celebrities, condominium builders, nursing homes and retail stores. You will be surprised how these professionals change the way people feel when we walk into a restaurant, shopping mall, hospital or corporate office. Your review client's requests create specifications for projects while staying within a budget and timeline. The fun part is you can speak your mind about your top choice for furniture, color, lighting and textures.

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These jobs could get you killed
These jobs could get you killed

4. Project Manager

Median Base Pay: $72,762

Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree, master's degree in technical fields

If you enjoy the feeling of being in business, a project manager can be exciting. These professionals stay within budget, work with engineers, pay attention to client's requests, and plan with a team on projects. The good part about being a project manager's is there are jobs available in human resources, Information Technology, construction and marketing. It will often feel like a new day working with several departments at one time.

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To conclude, if you are feeling blah about work, you might want to consider if what you do are a good fit with your personality and ethical values. Human resources specialists design these job descriptions with a person's character in mind. Instead of working in a job you are unhappy with, think about what will make you happy and consider taking the leap to a fulfilling career.

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