FBI investigating Uber's 'Hell' program that let it snoop on Lyft, says report

Key Points
  • The FBI is investigating Uber's "Hell" program.
  • The program allowed Uber to act as Lyft drivers to discover prices and driver locations.
  • Uber says it's cooperating.
Dara Khosrowshahi
Drew Angerer | Getty Images

Uber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi isn't going to have much of a honeymoon.

The FBI is investigating Uber's "Hell" program to determine if it gave Uber an unfair advantage over Lyft and other competitors, The Wall Street Journal said Friday.

Uber's program was simple in its execution. As the Journal explains, Uber would open up the Lyft app and pretend to order a car and would then capture the data it received from the request — like where Lyft drivers were and how much the company was charging.

Since Uber was allegedly accessing Lyft's services and without any real intention of booking a car, the FBI is examining whether or not this is an act of unauthorized access of a computer, the Journal said.

A similar lawsuit has already been dismissed.

Uber told CNBC that it's cooperating with the investigation.

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