The 5 most overlooked habits of ultra-successful people

Max Lukominskyi, Medium
These successful people share how to get more done in your 24-hour day

When it comes to analyzing the traits and behavior that are inherent in highly successful people, it is easy to distinguish the most obvious habits that let them stay on track and maintain high productivity to achieve outstanding results.

However, besides the evident habits and daily activities that are employed by the highly successful, often a few habits remain overlooked. Despite their nontrivial role, they often seem to be weird and unusual.

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Tiny, seemingly innocuous daily habits do not seem to make any significant impact on your level of success. However, the truth is that they contribute dramatically to your performance and efficiency when it comes to accomplishing great results.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are friends and leading voices promoting philanthropy.
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The 5 most overlooked and unusual habits of the highly successful people are:

They talk to themselves

Despite the widespread belief that this is what only crazy people do, a habit of talking to yourself proves to be a powerful tool for making right decisions and dealing with stressful situations. Successful people like to be their own consultants. It turns out, talking to yourself makes your brain work more rationally. Whenever you are in doubt, it is great to talk to yourself out loud. It helps realize how worthwhile and relevant your thoughts and ideas are.

They think backwards

Successful people begin with the end in mind. They focus on rewards and know exactly what they want to achieve. Instead of doubting every single step, they start at the finish and, using backward induction, design the entire road-map toward the desired destination. Successful people clearly define the outcome they want first. And only then they start the journey toward a goal they want to achieve.

They ask lots of questions

It does not mean they are stupid. Instead, it shows their desire to stay in the constant learning mode. They are curious, inquisitive, always want to know more and pay attention to details. If they don't know something, they never hesitate to ask for an explanation and claim a smart answer. Even if a question seems to be simple and the answer is obvious, they should be discussed and clarified.

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They avoid difficulties

Contrary to popular belief, successful people are not big fans of huge obstacles. They are not affiliated with risk either. They achieve massive wins because they love cutting corners. They know that the front door is not the only way to enter something you want. There is always a backdoor. Successful people are great inventors of shortcuts. This allows them to get through the difficulties much easier and attain their goals faster.

They write everything down

Literally everything… Successful people are big fans of taking notes. There is too much information to memorize. Moreover, it is neither worthwhile nor necessary to store too many facts and figures in your mind. Every time they have a new idea, they take a minute to jot it down or sketch it quickly in their notepad. The same holds for meetings. Details tend to evaporate from our minds too fast. Therefore, it's better to capture them asap. Moreover, they know that the dullest pencil is better than the strongest memory.

Your current level of productivity is an outcome of the little, seemingly trivial, daily actions, decisions, and choices. Every day consists of hundreds of such tiny commitments.

The repeated ones constitute your daily habits, which might seem innocuous. However, the truth is that they play a significant role in your life. They shape your lifestyle, determine your level of productivity, influence your long-term success and eventually reflect the person you are.

Develop a good habit attitude. Then you won't need to break a bad one.

Max Lukominskyi is the CMO of Evopaper, a digital nomad and a huge believer in success from hard work.

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