Here is the gorgeous new building Apple built just for unveiling products to the world

Key Points
  • CNBC is visiting Apple's brand-new Apple Park campus for the big iPhone event.
  • Here what's the new building looks like.
Megan Hawkins | CNBC

Apple invited the press to its new campus, Apple Park, for the first time on Tuesday.

It's where Apple will show off its latest iPhones, but it's also a gorgeous new campus and includes a brand-new facility called the Steve Jobs Theater.

Here's a shot of the Steve Jobs Theater from the outside, taken by CNBC's Josh Lipton:

Here's another taken from the distance of the main "spaceship" building by CNBC's Megan Hawkins:

Here's an early morning shot posted by Tim Cook as the sun began to rise.

Steve Wozniak was spotted by CNBC outside the Steve Jobs Theater's huge glass windows:

Another shot of the Steve Jobs Theater. 

This picture shows the press beginning to gather outside the theater.

Megan Hawkins | CNBC

Here's a peek at the inside. Look at that ceiling!

Here's Josh giving us a quick breakdown from inside before the event begins:

Here are the steps that walk down to the theater:

This is the inside of Steve Jobs Theater, it's supposed to sit 1,000 people: