Watch Jack Ma pull off his best Michael Jackson dance moves at the Alibaba birthday celebration

Key Points
  • Jack Ma performed a dance routine to medley of Michael Jackson's dance moves at Alibaba's 18th birthday celebration on Sept. 8.
Alibaba's founder surprises thousands by dressing up as Michael Jackson

Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma turned the company's 18th birthday celebration into a thriller with a Michael Jackson-inspired dance performance.

The Alibaba founder began the Sept. 8 performance by entering the stage on a motorcycle incognito while wearing a gold-and-silver mask and military-style outfit. After channeling his inner King of Pop with a few splashy moves and poses, Ma pulled off the mask and revealed he was behind the dance moves. He then was joined by a group of Alibaba's employees who awkwardly danced and clapped to a medley of the singer's hits.


This isn't the first time Ma has performed at an Alibaba event. He performed part of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" at the 2009 event while dressed as heavy metal lead singer.

The company has had a lot to celebrate. Stocks hit an all-time high on Aug. 17 after the company beat earnings estimates.