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Watch Apple demonstrate the most interesting feature of the new iPhones

Key Points
  • Apple's latest iPhones will allow users to explore the world using augmented reality.
  • One app using the new technology is MLB At Bat. Users at baseball games can use the latest iPhone's camera to see player stats in real time while they are on the field.
Watch Apple demonstrate the new iPhone 8's augmented reality features

Apple's newest iPhones — iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X — will allow users to explore the real world with augmented reality.

The new phones come with upgraded cameras and the company's A11 Bionic chip, which allow for better and faster AR processing. One app that will take advantage of additional augmented reality capabilities is Major League Baseball's MLB At Bat. Baseball game attendees will be able to use the iPhone's camera to "look" at player stats in real time by simply viewing the athlete on the device's screen.

The phones' AR function will have other uses, of course. The Sky Guide app from Fifth Star labs will let users superimpose its map on top of the real sky to identify constellations. Directive Games has developed a multiplayer game called "The Machines" that will use AR in its gameplay.

Apple announced its latest iPhones as well as the Apple TV 4K and the Apple Watch Series 3 at a special event on Tuesday in Cupertino, California.