Here’s how much money it costs to buy a Super Bowl ticket

Here’s how much money it'll cost to buy a Super Bowl 52 ticket

With the first week of the NFL season officially wrapped up and the second week kicking off Thursday, fans across the country are clamoring to see if their team will make the big game. And ticket prices reflect that excitement.

According to CBS Sports, the average price for a 2016 Super Bowl ticket was $4,000 and, for a 2017 ticket, it was between $4,744 and $5,650. This year, prices are estimated to go even higher.

CNBC Make It spoke to Don Renzulli, ‎executive vice president of events at the NFL's official ticket partner, On Location Experiences. He said that, while some vendors are just selling tickets, On Location is offering full "experience packages."

Those packages come at four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each includes a game-day ticket, hotel-booking assistance and pre-, in- and post-game "hospitality," which includes access to exclusive parties, concerts and events with NFL Alumni and celebrities.

The packages also come with verified seating locations, and On Location is the only distributor to guarantee exact seating this early in the season, Renzulli says. 

At $14,499, the Platinum Plus package comes with field-level club seats and in-stadium access to the Delta Sky 360 Club. Fans will also get post-game field access.

At $13,499, the Platinum package includes the same seating, a pre-game experience at the newly renovated Amory venue, access to the Delta Sky 360 Club and a post-game on-field experience.

For $12,499, On Location's Gold Plus package offers club-level seats, in-game access to the Buffalo Wild Wings Club and all-inclusive pre-game hospitality. The $10,499 Gold package offers club-level seats, pre-game at the Amory, in-game Buffalo Wild Wings Club access and all-inclusive pre-game hospitality.

At $6,759, the Silver Package offers lower-bowl seats, pre-game at the Amory and all-inclusive pre-game hospitality. For $6,299, the Bronze package offers the same amenities but with upper-bowl seating.

Players on the New York Giants take the field prior to playing against the San Francisco 49ers at MetLife Stadium on November 16, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
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If you're looking for a better deal and you don't mind having fewer perks, you can head to a third-party vendor.

On StubHub, tickets start at $4,995. At Seat Geek, they start at $4,033, and on TickPick, current prices start at $3,705. If you're an NFL season ticket holder, according to TickPick, you're automatically entered into a lottery for a chance to buy tickets at face value, which could range from $800 to $2,750.

Third-party vendors, however, offer mostly zone seating, which provides a seating section but leaves out an exact seat number until about a week before the game.

The prices will also fluctuate. TickPick says tickets cost most after the conference championship games and will traditionally become cheaper as the Super Bowl approaches.

But with the lowest estimated prices nearly matching the total amount that the average millennial has in savings, and the highest price more than 14 times as much, it may be best to start saving sooner rather than later.

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