The top 10 highest-paying jobs in the US right now

Sometimes, an illness has symptoms that require more than just chicken soup and bed rest. It’s at those times when you have to call in the heavy artillery and bring the full force of the pharmaceutical industry to bear.Your doctor can prescribe powerful medications to wipe out your symptoms, but you’ll need a pharmacist to dispense the goods. It’s a good living that brings with it a median annual wage of and it’s a good bet that the job will continue to exist for as long as people get sick.
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Company-review and career-recruiting website Glassdoor recently released its Local Pay Reports, which outline trends, nationally and in metro areas, for full-time U.S. workers.

The Pay Reports estimate pay by job title, industry and employer size.

In its latest report, Glassdoor found that the U.S. annual median base pay reached $51,556 in August . In some big cities, especially, wages grew faster: "The fastest average pay growth was in Boston in August, where median base pay for full-time workers rose by 2.4 percent from a year ago to $58,731 per year," the site reports. "They were followed by the San Francisco metro area where average pay rose by 2.4 percent to $68,164 per year, and by Washington, D.C., where salaries rose 2.3 percent to $59,141 per year."

Overall, these 10 jobs have the highest U.S. median base pay right now:


Annual median base pay: $126,989

Solutions architect

Annual median base pay: $101,930

Data scientist

Annual median base pay: $96,823

Tax manager

Annual median base pay: $93,618


Annual median base pay: $92,241

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Product manager

Annual median base pay: $90,693


Annual median base pay: $85,964

Software engineer

Annual median base pay: $85,552

UX designer

Annual median base pay: $78,756

Systems engineer

Annual median base pay: $78,364

"Once again, three fields dominated the highest paying jobs in August: Health care, tech and professional services," the report says. "Pharmacist, solutions architect and data scientist again topped our list as the jobs with highest U.S. median base pay."

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