Shark Tank

Cowboy Ryan’s friendship with this Shark got his business back into the black

Saddle up for a Shark Tank success story that has more twists and turns than a John Wayne movie.

When he first faced the panel, Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann rode into the sunset with a deal from Shark Daymond John for his exercise DVDs "Lose 12 Inches in 12 Workouts."

It only took six weeks after the show aired for Ryan to make a cool $80,000. And, seeing endless wealth on the horizon, he made the risky move of closing his gym to focus on the then booming online business.

His success, unfortunately, was short lived: Online sales for his DVDs soon fell off, leaving him with the stresses of providing for his family and paying his mortgage.

Luckily, his good friend Daymond swooped in to save the day and got Ryan back on track with some encouraging words... and a little bit of dough. Now, he's back in the proverbial saddle with not one, but TWO locations of his rodeo-themed "Cowboy's Gym."

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