This is apparently the Google Home Mini that's coming next month


Google seems likely to introduce a smaller version of the Google Home next week.

Images of the device first appeared on blog Droid-Life on Tuesday, showing what appears to be a small pebble-shaped speaker with a single wire for plugging into the wall. Three colors appear on the blog, including black, gray and the coral color above.

Google will reportedly introduce the Google Home Mini during its event on Oct. 4, when it's also expected to introduce its new Pixel 2 smartphones.

The naming seems confirmed, since a dead link on Google's site mentions it specifically by name. Droid-Life said it'll cost $49 and will operate similarly to the full-size Google Home, which lets you check the weather, control smart-home gadgets and more. Given the size, it's likely the speaker quality won't be as good.

Google was not immediately available for comment.

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