Shark Tank

The Sharks bring the shade to this umbrella-sharing company

When the founders of umbrella rental company, BrellaBox, stopped by Shark Tank, the forecast was partly cloudy with a one-hundred percent chance of shade.

Brellabox, modeled after the ride-sharing initiative CitiBike, aimed to strategically place boxes of umbrellas in cities and college campuses, costing $1.50 to rent for 12 hours or $40 if the umbrella was lost or not returned.

The sharks weren't impressed and the ensuing criticism didn't rain down, it poured. Mr. Wonderful called BrellaBox "hideous" and maybe the worst idea he had ever heard in the Tank. That burn will definitely leave a scar.

Points to the founders of BrellaBox, though. They kept fighting, saying that despite not having earned a single dime, they've been contacted by 23 universities and got mentions in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

So the next time you get caught in the rain, send a little love the BrellaBox team's way -- they're probably still recovering from the Shark Tank storm.

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