Infinity Group Hires Anne (Bjorkland) O’Brien

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Sept. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infinity Group, a design/build firm, specializing in creating, renovating, designing, and furnishing commercial workspaces — and headquartered in Bloomfield, CT — has hired Anne O’Brien for the newly created position, Director of Business Development & Design. In her role O’Brien manages marketing, business development, and design to help drive revenue, to encourage creativity, and to streamline operations.

“We found Anne at just the right time,” said Verne Markham, head of Business Development at Infinity Group. “We’re poised for growth. We’re taking on bigger projects. We’re expanding the design team. And we needed someone of Anne’s varied experience and capabilities to ensure our new-business efforts combine the integrity of our brand identity with the creative reflections of our identity in our designs. Anne’s one of those rare people with equal left- and right-brain capacities: She’s logical and analytical, with the factual, linear thinking of a businessperson. And she’s imaginative and intuitive, with the visual and integrated thinking of an artist.”

O’Brien is a conceptual liaison between the business-development and design teams. She works with the project consultants to analyze clients’ requirements and clearly define their objectives. Then she works with the design team to create plans that incorporate clients’ requirements and their objectives into fully realized, optimally functional workspaces. Prior to joining Infinity Group, O’Brien served as Director, Facilities & Property Management at Hoffman Auto Group; Foreign & Commercial Contracts Manager at Pioneer Aerospace; and Marketing Communications Manager at Gerber Scientific.

“My position at Infinity Group enables me to contribute to the full extent of my capabilities,” said O’Brien. “In addition, I’m able to coach, mentor, and encourage the young people on the team, which gives me as much satisfaction as anything else I do. Knowing my contributions are valued — and that I’m helping Infinity Group to establish growth and momentum — is quite rewarding. I’m very happy to be here.”

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