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Watch: White House press secretary Sanders briefs reporters

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefed reporters on Thursday afternoon, discussing tax reform, among other topics.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans released their tax reform framework, which consisted of sweeping cuts to marginal tax rates for both individuals and businesses. During a speech in Indiana, Trump called the plan a once in a lifetime opportunity to reform the nation's tax code to benefit the middle class.

But as both Democrats and economists were quick to point out, on a dollar-for-dollar scale it is the wealthy who stand to benefit most from the changes Trump's plan would make to the tax code.

Critics, and even some Republicans, also noted that the tax reform framework introduced Wednesday contained no specifics on how the massive cuts would be paid for. Unless more revenue sources are added to the current tax plan, it could end up adding trillions of dollars to the national debt.

Republicans said the details of how to pay for the cuts will be hammered out by congressional tax writing committees in the coming months.