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Headsets that let you step into a 3-D version of Windows 10 are now available to preorder

Key Points
  • Consumers can now preorder Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.
  • Mixed Reality headsets let you step into a 3-D version of Microsoft Windows.
  • The headsets will ship by the holidays.

announced that , which will let you step into Windows and experience it in a whole new way, are now available for preorder.

The headsets, made by Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung, will ship by the holidays. Each headset should provide a relatively similar experience and, with Microsoft's Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update rolling out on Oct. 17, will let you experience new ways to interact with Windows.

Early models first went on .

During an early hands-on with a developer version of the Acer headset, for example, we were able to step into a digital room where we could sit at a digital desk and interact with Mixed Reality-enabled apps, including some of Microsoft's own, watch videos on a big screen and more. The experience is a hair bizarre and all takes place while you move around a virtual apartment. It's from here you can launch into other apps, too, such as games, which will probably be the main selling point for the headsets.


The headsets will vary in price starting at around $399, and you'll need a computer that's powerful enough to run them.

The news comes in tandem with a couple of other Microsoft announcements. AltSpace is now officially a part of Microsoft and helps provide all sorts of content ranging from virtual reality meetups to comedy shows and more, Microsoft said. Additionally, Microsoft is teaming with Steam to bring VR games to Windows Mixed Reality headsets by the holidays.