The top 10 highest-paying jobs in America right now

Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross on 'Suits'
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Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross on 'Suits'

Even though the current unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in over a decade, American wages remain stubbornly low. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is close to 4.4 percent and yet real average hourly earnings and wage growth have barely inched forward.

"Wage growth continued its slightly upward trend in September — rising 1.8 percent — similar to August's revised growth of 1.6 percent," said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor. "However, at this snail's pace of wage growth, it will take roughly 40 years for U.S. median annual pay to double."

Job site Glassdoor analyzed millions of individual salary reports across nearly 85 job titles to calculate the 10 highest-paying jobs in September. Job descriptions are based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

10. UX designer

Median base pay: $77,994

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.2%

Industry: Technology

Job description: User experience designers, otherwise known as UX designers, often work with software, product development and merchandising teams to improve consumer satisfaction.

9. Systems engineer

Median base pay: $78,514

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.8%

Industry: Technology

Job description: Systems engineers consider the business and technical aspects of a given project to optimize efficiency.

8. Software engineer

Median base pay: $85,806

Year-over-year pay growth: 2.7%

Industry: Technology

Job description: Software engineers develop applications for devices like computers and smartphones.

7. Professor

Median base pay: $87,244

Year-over-year pay growth: 2.6%

Industry: Education

Job description: Professors teach students in a wide variety of fields, often in a postsecondary education setting.

6. Product manager

Median base pay: $91,035

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.2%

Industry: Professional services

Job description: Product managers often oversee the construction, maintenance and strategy of a given product.

5. Attorney

Median base pay: $93,920

Year-over-year pay growth: -1.9%

Industry: Law

Job description: Attorneys advise and represent individuals, businesses and government agencies on legal issues.

4. Tax manager

Median base pay: $94,180

Year-over-year pay growth: 1.7%

Industry: Finance

Job description: Tax managers provide a range of tax preparation services for individuals and businesses.

3. Data scientist

Median base pay: $95,624

Year-over-year pay growth: 0.6%

Industry: Technology

Job description: Data scientists use statistical analysis to help solve complex issues.

2. Solutions architect

Median base pay: $102,184

Year-over-year pay growth: 3.7%

Industry: Technology

Job description: Solution architects often work with information technology teams to make sure that groups are able to work and communicate efficiently.

1. Pharmacist

Median base pay: $127,506

Year-over-year pay growth: 0.4%

Industry: Health

Job description: Pharmacists give patients prescription medications, advise on a range of healthcare topics and provide some medical screenings.

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Pharmacist topped the list as the highest-paying job for September 2017. Glassdoor calculated that the median base pay for pharmacists is $127,506 and that they experienced a 0.4 percent year-over-year wage growth.

Even though Glassdoor found that attorneys experienced the biggest decline in pay growth — down 1.9 percent to $93,920 — the profession still managed to come in as the fifth highest-paid job for September.

Specialized technology jobs also ranked highly on the list, with half of the top jobs coming from the tech sector.

"The reports show that more sophisticated technology jobs like solutions architects and web designers are increasingly in demand because their mix of hard and soft skills allow them to navigate today's fast-changing tech landscape," said Chamberlain. "As the need for single-skilled developers like Java developers and web developers has waned, so has wage growth for those positions."

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