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Uber's new CEO may not fill the open COO role

Key Points
  • Uber's new CEO, Dara  Khosrowshahi, has brought a proposal to the board that would increase his power.
  • He is also considering not filling the COO role, which was a key recommendation stemming from an investigation led by former attorney general Eric Holder.
Dara Khosrowshahi
David Ryder | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Uber's new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has his hands full. In addition to cleaning up the mess of the last year and trying to repair a notoriously fractured board, he's had new crises on his hands like a federal probe into bribery allegations and Uber losing its license to operate in London.

And he's also beginning to impose order on the company in his own way.

Last week, Khosrowshahi and Goldman Sachs (an Uber investor) brought the board a proposal. According to a source with knowledge of the proposal, it includes measures that would reduce Kalanick's voting rights while expanding Khosrowshahi's clout on the board.

Now, Khosrowshahi may not fill one of the most senior  openpositions at all: that of Chief Operating Officer, a spokesperson for Uber has told CNBC.

Uber has been searching for a COO since early March and filling the position was one of the recommendations stemming from an investigation led by former attorney general Eric Holder. Uber's board unanimously voted to implement those recommendations in full.

In particular, the report advocated for a COO who would "act as a full partner," run "day-to-day" operations and provide "clear lines of demarcation between " the COO and the CEO.

Having a strong number two was felt to be important to keep Kalanick in check. But now that he's no longer running the company, that strong number-two position may not be as vital.

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