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Hundreds of new emojis are coming to your iPhone soon

Key Points
  • New emojis are coming to your iPhone soon.
  • Mythical creatures, gender-neutral characters and new food are among the highlights.
  • Beta versions of Apple's software will have them next week.
New Emoji coming soon to iPhones

Apple's iOS 11.1 update, coming soon, will include hundreds of new emojis.

Apple teased the emojis back in July, only noting at the time that they would be available later this year. Highlights include a new "love-you" gesture that's based on the American sign language symbol, new smiley faces, gender-neutral emojis, a trench coat and mythical creatures, Apple said.

The new symbols are part of a standard called Unicode 10, so users on other platforms such as Android should eventually expect to see them in some form, too.

Apple said beta testers will see the new emojis next week in developer and public beta versions of iOS 11.1. In addition to iOS, they will be available on watchOS for the Apple Watch and macOS.