ARA gasoline stocks down 6 percent - PJK

LONDON, Oct 5 (Reuters) - Gasoline stocks held in independent storage facilities at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp refining hub fell 6 percent to 788,000 tonnes in the week to Thursday, according to data from Dutch consultancy PJK International. Gasoil inventories edged lower by about 2 percent as demand rose in inland markets to fill local storage with winter grade gasoil. The partial shutdown of Shell's Pernis refinery for maintenance was resulting in an additional pull on stocks.

Naphtha stocks were relatively stable, while fuel oil rose and jet fuel fell.

Weekly ARA stocks (in '000 tonnes) 05/10/2017 28/09/2017 06/10/2016

Gasoline 788 839 622 <STK-GL-ARA> Naphtha 269 274 212 <STK-NAF-ARA> Gasoil 2,549 2,606 3,022 <STK-GO-ARA> Fuel oil 1,391 1,290 838 <STK-FO-ARA> Jet fuel 672 708 654 <STK-JET-ARA> Incoming cargoes Outgoing cargoes Gasoline Germany, Russia, U.K. Brazil, Canada,

Middle-East, Pakistan and West Africa

Naphtha Italy, Spain, Russia None Gasoil Finland, Russia, Saudi Argentina, U.K.


Fuel oil Germany, Poland, Russia Togo Jet fuel South Korea, U.A.E None

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(Reporting By Julia Payne; Editing by Edmund Blair)