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Paul Ryan is mum on whether GOP will scrap state and local tax deductions

House Speaker Ryan: We want to give every middle-income family in America a tax cut

House Speaker Paul Ryan promoted the Republican tax-reform effort on Thursday, but stopped short of offering new details about the politically thorny pieces of the GOP plan.

At a stop at Dixon Vale and Coupling in Maryland, Ryan touted the GOP framework as a tool to boost wages and reduce the tax burden on middle-income Americans. He would not say whether the House is committed to getting rid of state and local tax deductions, saying he did not want to "get ahead" of the Ways and Means Committee, which is writing the bill.

Scrapping those deductions potentially alienate GOP lawmakers in high-tax blue states.

House Speaker Ryan: There's a lot of economic anxiety among middle-class taxpayers

The House took a step toward tax reform by passing its fiscal 2018 budget resolution on Thursday. The Senate Budget Committee also passed its own version of a fiscal 2018 budget.

The House-passed budget and bill the Senate eventually passes will have to get reconciled.

The GOP aims to pass a bill this year broadly lowering individual and corporate tax rates while eliminating some deductions and closing certain loopholes. Republicans introduced a framework of the plan last week, though it lacked many key details.

As they write a bill, lawmakers will face a challenge in cutting rates without significantly increasing the budget deficit. Some possible methods to fund the tax cuts, like eliminating state and local deductions, already face political opposition.

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