This multimillion-dollar Gulfstream may be the first ever puppy-proof private jet

This private jet has been remade to fit its 150lb dog passengers

When one California couple took their $8 million Gulfstream IV in for a gut renovation, the top priority was their jet-setting pets. Their objective: dog-proof the jet to accommodate the trio of 150-pound Moscow Watchdogs.

The puppy-proof plane was recently featured on an episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."


That unusual overhaul job went to Eric Roth, the president of International Jet Interiors.

"We're used to designing for people, not for dogs, and these dogs are wider than most people, so they're rubbing into areas and brushing against things and maybe chewing things that human beings don't," Roth tells "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

The interior of the jet post-renovation.
Source: International Jet Interiors

Roth's team completely tore out the interior of the jet and retro-fitted it with canine-friendly customization, including super-sized seats that would give the massive dogs, named Stanis, Myshka and Mila, plenty of legroom. They also upholstered the seats in durable Italian grey leather.

"The colors that we went with are a balance between light and airy, yet dark enough to be able to withstand — the dirt and grime and the slobber, if you will, of these dogs," says Roth.


The luxurious custom carpet was specially designed to conceal pesky dog hairs.

And along with Hermes place settings for two-legged human passengers, Roth threw in a bespoke leather-clad set of bowls for their four-legged friends, which match the jet's interior walls perfectly.

These dog bowls are made of the same leather that lines the interior.
Source: International Jet Interiors

While Roth won't say exactly how much the entire project cost, you'd have to be pretty well-heeled — or well-pawed — to get the same treatment.

"You could buy a stable of Ferraris for what this interior costs," he says.

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