Tell us what you think: What could hurt big banks’ earnings this quarter?

Key Points
  • Major U.S. banks will report earnings during the week
  • Markets expect bank earnings to be healthy
  • The current quarter's results could, however, be weighed down by hurricanes and policy uncertainty
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Earnings season stateside kicks off this week, with investors expected to pay close attention to the slew of big name U.S. financials — including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo — due to report results in the days ahead.

Although the markets seem to be confident about a relatively healthy earnings picture for the third quarter, the current quarter's performance could be impacted by several negative factors.

For starters, uncertainty over the progress made on U.S. tax reform could make investors slightly more cautious about the future. Lower trading revenues and the economic impact of several massive hurricanes could also be of some cause for concern.