Amazon is winning the smart home speaker wars by a huge margin

Key Points
  • Amazon is winning the smart home speaker battle, according to Strategy Analytics.
  • Google is also a major player, but Apple wasn't mentioned.
  • Amazon, Google and Baidu are expected to remain top dogs through 2020.
Source: Amazon

Amazon is winning the smart home speaker battle.

New data from Strategy Analytics suggest that Amazon's Alexa smart assistant is beating Google in the home. Strategy Analytics found that Amazon Alexa will be on 68 percent of all smart speakers by the end of the fourth quarter of 2017. This includes Echos built by Amazon and other products built by third parties that also run Alexa. Sonos will soon launch a speaker running Alexa, for example.

It's no surprise Amazon has such a large share. It has a huge selection across price ranges, including a low-cost Echo Dot speaker that costs about $35 when on sale, a full-size Echo for $179 and even the Echo Show, which has a screen built-in for video chat. It also just that will be available before the year is up.

Google's slice of the pie came will come in at 24 percent of all sales during the fourth quarter, Strategy Analytics said. Google most recently released its more affordable speaker, though its launch was rocky at best. One reporter found the device was , a problem that Google ultimately patched.

Strategy Analytics said Amazon, Google and Chinese-firm Baidu will run the smart home speaker market until about 2020, when the firm expects all three will leave hardware development to third parties.

Apple, which will launch its HomePod Siri-powered smart speaker by the holidays, was not mentioned in the report.