Actor-entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher shares his 'secret life hack' for getting more done

Ashton Kutcher
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Ashton Kutcher gets a lot done. The 39-year-old actor has co-founded a venture capital firm, started a human-rights organization and built a media company.

Plus, he's a husband and a father.

How does he make it all work? In an interview with Thrive Global, the actor-turned-entrepreneur shares his best life-hack: Leaving his phone on "do not disturb."

"I don't bring it into my bedroom," says Kutcher. "And don't look at it until I have set my goals for the day."

These successful people share how to get more done in your 24-hour day

He's not the only successful individual who boosts productivity by tuning out texts and social media posts.

Koel Thomae, co-founder of Noosa Yoghurt, also unplugs when she needs to buckle down.

"It's very easy to get distracted by your inbox or phone," . "When I have a big project or when I need to get something done — and done well — I shut down my email, I turn off my phone and I put on some of my favorite music. I just dig in and get it done."

If you want to get more things done during your work day, try powering down your phone. If it works for Kutcher and Thomae, it could work for you.

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