How to answer the interview question, ‘What would your boss say you could improve on?’

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Imagine you are sitting in a job interview and the hiring manager asks, "If I called your boss right now and asked them what's an area where you could improve, what would they say?"

This is one of the most common interview questions, but still many people give eyeroll-inducing answers like, "They would say I work too hard."

Glassdoor spoke with career experts as part of their 50 Most Common Interview Questions series to figure out how to answer this classic question.

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Aurora Meneghello of Repurpose Your Purpose tells Glassdoor that interviewees should be honest about the areas where they need growth.

"Show that you believe in growing professionally and are not afraid to admit you are not perfect," she says. "The key here is to share an area you need to improve on that is not [critical for] what you are applying for."

Use this question as a way to talk about a time when you have responded to feedback in a constructive manner. This allows you to highlight your ability to foster strong working relationships with your superiors.

For instance, you could say, "Something my boss and I have been working on is making our weekly meetings as efficient as possible," or, "I tend to take on a lot of responsibilities, and my manager has suggested that I work on prioritizing projects based on urgency and importance."

Once you have spoken about your weakness, be sure to talk about the steps you are taking to improve, says Nicole Wood, CEO and co-founder of career coaching firm Ama La Vida.

"Immediately follow it up with how you are actively invested in improving upon it."

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Gary Burchell | Getty Images
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