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Snap's newest product is a 'dancing hot dog' costume

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  • This Halloween, you can be Snap's "Dancing Hot Dog" in real life.
A "dancing hot dog" costume was listed for $80 on Amazon.
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Snap shares were down 2 percent on Wednesday: Can a dancing hot dog costume help?

A "Dancing Hot Dog" costume was listed for sale on Amazon from Snap Inc. on Tuesday for $80.

Snapchat's infamous dancing hot dog, which debuted in June, was part of the company's foray into augmented reality.

Here's how it works in the Snap app: When the a dancing hot dog filter is selected, the figure detects the boundaries of objects in pictures and videos. It then spins, dabs and breakdances around them.

The hot dog quickly became a meme online across social media. Users began using the dancing hot dog in various awkward scenarios including on pets, on household objects and in some not-safe-for-work applications.