The Job Interview

Go behind the scenes of CNBC's 'The Job Interview' — no references needed

Smile! You're on camera. Nobody's safe on the set of CNBC's new show "The Job Interview," where the jobs are real, and candidates are filmed as they try to land a gig. As if interviews weren't stressful enough already.

In this behind-the-scenes look, we see how the production team transformed an empty space into a convincing office, including a waiting room and interview room, and outfitted it all with 18 cameras — both hidden and exposed. And since the interviews were legit, the only interaction producers had with businesses was to tell them what time candidates were coming in.

In all, 50 diverse candidates interviewed for 11 different companies, and while most barely noticed the cameras, others stared directly at them. According to supervising producer Anthony McCarthy, the hope was that they would "forget about the cameras, forget about us, and just become themselves."

So put on your best suit and print out a few copies of your resume, because starting this November, your Wednesdays are booked.

Series Premiere Nov. 8 | Wednesdays 10 p.m. ET/PT