This $1,200 cocktail is made from $6,000 Scotch and infused with real smoke

This cocktail costs $1200

Las Vegas' Vesper Bar, located inside The Cosmopolitan hotel, is filled with mirrored columns and sparkling crystal lights.

But the bar's signature cocktail adds a little smoke to the glossy space.

The Smoking Jacket Cocktail at the Vesper Bar in Las Vegas.

The custom drink, featured on a recent episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," is known as "The Smoking Jacket" and costs a whopping $1,200.

"The Smoking Jacket fits the environment of Vesper Bar — deep purple and mahogany wood," Marina Mercer, the chief mixologist for The Cosmopolitan, tells "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

This bottle of McCallan M Decanter costs more than $6,000.

Macallan M Decanter, one of the rarest bottles of Scotch in the world, comprises the base of the drink. A full bottle of the spirit sells for over $6,000.

The cocktail also contains Benedictine, an herbal liqueur made with 27 herbs and spices; sweet vermouth infused with black Mission figs and cinnamon sticks; and angostura bitters.


After the ingredients are shaken and poured, the cocktail goes inside a special box that's lit and filled with smoke to infuse the cocktail with a smoldering flavor.

"We use cherrywood smoke in a box and once you open it up and take your cocktail out, you just get this amazing puff of smoke that enhances the flavor of the cocktail," Mercer says.

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