TipRanks: Here are 5 stocks analysts think have 'massive upside potential' over the next year

Harriet Lefton of TipRanks
Kai Pfaffenbach | Reuters

TipRanks, a service that ranks Wall Street analysts, identified the stocks that the top analysts predict will have big upside potential for the next 12 months.

We used a natural language processing algorithm to rank analysts based on two factors:

Average return of buy-sell recommendations.

Success rate of buy-sell recommendations.

TipRanks' stock screener allows you to screen for "best analyst consensus" stocks in the technology sector, revealing stocks with a "strong buy" best analyst consensus rating. We combined the screener's insights with a database scan to find the most popular stocks by top analysts that all have the potential for strong gains from the current share price. Crucially, we avoided stocks that only seemed to have big upside potential because the share price has dropped dramatically in the last few months.

Here are five favorite stocks from the best-performing analysts that we believe are worth tracking into 2018: