Duke Realty Board of Directors Adopts Proxy Access and a Board Diversity Policy

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Duke Realty Corporation (NYSE:DRE), the largest pure-play, domestic only, industrial REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), today announced that its Board of Directors has amended and restated its bylaws to implement “proxy access” and has adopted a Board Diversity Policy. “Proxy access” allows long-term shareholders to have their own director nominees included in a company’s proxy materials. The purpose of the Board Diversity Policy is to advance the company’s goal of having a diverse and inclusive Board with directors of different geographical backgrounds as well as of varying race, ethnicity and gender.

“Our board has proactively initiated and adopted both of these new policies in recognition of their impact on long-term board accountability, dialogue and responsiveness,” said Jim Connor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our company has always been committed to the highest standards in corporate governance, shareholder access and communication, as well as having board members who bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to discussions on the company’s strategic direction.”

Duke Realty’s Board Diversity Policy recognizes the value of nominating for election to the Board individuals who bring a variety of diverse opinions, perspectives, skills, experiences, backgrounds and orientations to its discussions and decision-making processes. An overriding principle is that all nominations to the Board should be based upon merit and suitability of the candidate. Subject to this overriding principle, the Board should always have regard for the need to consider director candidates from different backgrounds, including, but not limited to, geography, race, ethnicity and gender.

Proxy access will be first available in connection with the 2018 annual meeting of stockholders. The Board Diversity Policy will be implemented as open positions on the board become available.

About Duke Realty
Duke Realty Corporation owns and operates approximately 144 million rentable square feet of industrial assets in 21 key U.S. logistics markets. Duke Realty is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol DRE and is listed on the S&P 500. The company maintains a Baa1 rating from Moody’s Investor Service and a BBB+ rating from Standard & Poor’s Financial Services. More information about Duke Realty Corporation is available at www.dukerealty.com.

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