Our quest to find the best value burrito begins with 5 cities

Which global city gives you the most burrito for your buck?

If you've ever stood behind the counter at a burrito joint and been tempted to say, "a little more," then you're not alone.

The feeling inspired CNBC to look at a handful of cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Hong Kong) to see which offers the best bang for the buck — through a highly unscientific experiment.

Here are the rules:

1. The restaurant must be fast-casual.

2. We chose the restaurant we could find with the most amount of locations in each city, provided, it didn't exist in other cities as well.

3. In each city, we ordered the same thing: Chicken, Rice, Black Beans, lettuce, the standard house salsa and cheese.

The Locations

New York: Dos Toros

San Francisco: The Little Chihuahua

Los Angeles: Poquito Mas

London: Tortilla

Hong Kong: Cali-Mex

The Results


5. Los Angeles $11.75

4. San Francisco $11.72

3. Hong Kong $11.27

2. New York $9.75

1. London $8.16


5. San Francisco 17.9 ounces

4. London 19.2 ounces

3. Hong Kong 19.9 ounces

2. New York 20.1 ounces

1. Los Angeles 27.7 ounces

Best value (cost/ounce)

5. San Francisco: 65 cents

4. Hong Kong: 57 cents

3. New York: 49 cents

2. London 43 cents

1. Los Angeles 42 cents