This $270,000 'Superbike' is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world

These $250,000 motorcycles are powered by a jet engine that can run on your...

With a top speed of 250 miles per hour, the Y2K Superbike is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. That's because the bike's manufacturer, Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT), powered it with a jet engine.

Y2K Superbike

So when MTT founder and CEO Ted McIntyre II says that riding a Y2K Superbike feels like you're piloting a fighter jet, he isn't kidding.

"It's like the hand of god pushin' you," he tells CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," which features the maxed-out motorbike.

Here's a closer look at the insane two-wheeler:

Y2K Superbike

First, when you hit the throttle on the $270,000 Superbike, it looks and sounds like it's about to take flight.

A cloud of smoke and the smell of burnt rubber emanate from the bike's Rolls Royce-Allison helicopter engine. McIntyre tells "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" that the 420-horsepower turbine isn't just super-fast, it's also super-expensive, with a $125,000 price-tag.

$125,000 Rolls Royce-Allison helicopter engine

The CEO also revealed a fun fact: the high-powered engine can even run on top-shelf booze, since turbines are able to run on anything combustible. "Our particular bikes are set up to run on Diesel," he says. "But it'll run on good tequila."

There is $25,000 worth of technology components to regulate the Y2K Superbike's internal temperatures

The Y2K is also specially equipped with $25,000 worth of high-tech computer components that regulate the bike's internal temperatures.

Y2K Superbike

The Superbike's souped-up price-tag earned Y2K the "most expensive motorcycle in production" spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004, when it was worth $185,000. McIntyre says he's only making five of the legendary rides this year.

And if the two-wheeled rocket isn't enough for you, McIntyre has the Trike, a three-wheeled model that sells for $300,000, one of which is about to be shipped to a lucky buyer in Mumbai.

$300,000 Trike
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