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Here are the five best features of the iPhone X

Key Points
  • The iPhone X has plenty of new features.
  • We narrowed down our favorites.
  • We discuss the new iPhone X display, Animoji and more.
Here are the top 5 features of the new Apple iPhone X
Here are the top 5 features of the new Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is chock full of high-end hardware and new features.

To help you understand them all, we broke each of our favorites down for you, explaining why they stand out so much from other phones and, in some cases, even other iPhones.

The features we discuss range from the clarity and brightness of Apple's brand new iPhone X display, which runs side to side and top to bottom, and other functions like Face ID, which unlocks the phone when you look at it.

Again, there's a lot to like about the iPhone X. It costs a pretty penny starting at $999 for the entry-level model, but these are features we either haven't seen on other iPhones or ones that work so well they're worth mentioning.

There's even a bonus sixth favorite feature, which we think you'll get a kick out of. Be sure to read CNBC's full iPhone X review, too.