The Job Interview

What's in your closet could determine whether you get that new job

You could have the perfect portfolio, countless degrees and a pristine resume, but when it comes to a job interview, simply knowing your stuff is no longer good enough. Interviewers are getting more and more creative with their questions, and how candidates answer can land or lose them the job -- even if the question isn't specific to the role.

For Lillian Roberts, co-founder of accounting company Xendoo, a curveball question like "What's your closet look like?" can make or break potential employees. It's the sort of question that helps determine whether the person being interviewed is a good fit for the company's culture.

As Roberts explains on the series premiere of CNBC's The Job Interview, details are everything. Meaning the guy who hangs his pants a specific way to maintain the crease probably has a better chance than the woman who doesn't want you anywhere near her closet at the end of the week.

Remember: No matter how creative, odd or unexpected the question, a bad answer can bomb the interview. So take a deep breath and always be sure to fold your clothes.

The Job Interview Series Premiere November 8 | Wednesday 10P ET/PT